New to Croydon?

Croydon is a regional hub in the southern sector of the greater London area. We have major rail links through from London to Gatwick, one of London’s largest and busiest airports. Croydon’s centre is famous for both its high quality and wide range of retailer and its bars, restaurants, pubs and performance venues, which make us a major place for people to visit on an almost 24-hour basis. We are also a key commercial centre which is a good thing as Croydon Borough now has over 342,000 people living in it (the second most populated borough in London) and with 84,000 people under 15 here we are glad to say that we are also served by a number of excellent schools – click here for more.

St Mary’s Catholic Church is located at the heart of this great community, close to West Croydon train, tram and bus stations and walking distance of the very centre of town. Our community reflects the diversity and lively nature of our Croydon and we pride ourselves on being a welcoming and happy congregation. For our location click here to go to our map or see below.

The Church and associated buildings are in regular use and our daily Masses are well attended so if you want to pop in to see what we are like or to spend time praying or taking part in Mass, we will be very pleased to see you. Our newsletter is always on-line and there are always copies available to take away in the church narthex. So, why not pop in and see how you might fit in? A whole new local community is just waiting to welcome you in!