Curious about Catholicism?

You are very welcome, indeed. Please spend time looking around the site and take time to come and visit us in Wellesley Road. Please also check our weekly parish newsletter.  No one expects a newcomer to know or understand all that is happening and everything about the faith. It sometimes takes a very long time before a person decides to actually become a Catholic. However, most people who become Catholics either visit us out of curiosity and end up staying or have partners who are Catholic and either through them or through the children, they discover their faith. 

There are plenty of ways to become involved and share in the life of the parish before you make that commitment and there are also lots of people and sources of information that will help you as you find your way and learn more about what this Catholic thing really is. Because being Catholic is not just about attending Mass every Sunday. It really is a way of life, a way of seeing the world and it is about being a member of a Christ-centred community and family.

Once you feel that being a Catholic is for you, you will no doubt spend time on the RCIA programme – which is a surprisingly good course and spiritual/social journey. RCIA stands for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults and it is run by our Deacon and local Catholic laypeople and its members often build great bonds and friendships during the course. You emerge from it not just a much better-informed person ready to make the commitment to become a Catholic but as a member of the community who has already begun to contribute to parish life and worship.

But the initial steps are fairly easy. Please accept our welcome and spend time looking at the website and check our weekly parish newsletter; we will look forward to meeting you sometime soon in church.

Returning to Catholicism?

If visiting this site is the first step back towards the Church we are very pleased to welcome you. 

Take as much time as you want to see what we are like. Please pop into Mass and discover what it’s like now and to see how our parish might serve your needs. Although the core of the Mass (the Eucharist) never changes and is at the heart of our faith, often the way we come to that sacred place is important. So, if you have children, you might find the Family Mass to be a real answer to your prayers. But if you are on your own or it seems just a bit too lively for you, please visit again and see what a quieter Mass might be like. Check out our range of Masses and Mass times here.

There are lots of Mass books and Mass cards available as you come into the church, so you need not worry about knowing the new Liturgy and these will help you if you are uncertain when it is appropriate to stand, kneel, sit, etc. The Mass sheets and Mass books tell you all of that and there are large print copies for you too, as well as a loop for those with hearing difficulties.

You might be surprised by just how familiar and comfortable it feels to be in church, but whether it feels good or not, taking the opportunity to chat with Fr Michael may be just the thing you need to do. His advice and help could be all you need to find a path through the tangles of past emotions and present needs to help you find your place here at St Mary’s.