is the sacrament through which Christ continues his work in the Church. God is ever calling men and women to work for him. St John Paul II said that all young people should examine this call. All are called to serve in some special way; some are called to married life and parenthood, some to the single life and others are called to the priesthood and religious life.

Our previous pope said that all of us must give ourselves courageously to this call and see how our Lord wants us to serve him. As a priest/deacon or as a professed religious, God calls us to emulate his Christ, our Lord, and serve others like Christ himself served. Christ continues his work through the Church, through those people who generously answer his call. Is God calling you to serve? Have a look at the UK Vocations Page and The National Office for Vocations. If you are interested you are also encouraged to speak to Fr Michael or to one of the other members of the clergy.