It is the gateway to our Life with Christ; through it we are cleansed of original sin and brought into new life. As a child, we can receive this Sacrament and our family, friends and the community of the Church take part in welcoming us and promising to protect, guide and teach us as we grow in this family of God. As an adult being baptised, we will also make that commitment ourselves, as part of the sacrament. The Church recognises baptisms performed within all of the Christian denominations, so, if you are baptised and want to become a Catholic you will not need to be “re-baptised”. You are already a child of God!

Baptism is usually most thought of in the context of water and being washed clean. The rolewater is given in Baptism is deeper than simply cleaning. In early Baptisms you were originally submerged three times in the water in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and when you emerged from the water it was very much like being reborn into the world. During the Sacrament, you are also anointed with oil as a priest, a prophet and a king and you are called to live your life in these three roles. Serving, teaching and loving as a priest, telling the truth and being open to God’s Word as a prophet and taking responsibility for yourself and others in living properly, responsibly and justly as a king. 

In St Mary’s, Baptism preparation runs once a month in the parish room. If you are considering baptising your child please first speak to one of the clergy before coming on the course. If you are an adult preparing to be received into the Church you will learn about all of this during your time on the RCIA course. If you have not been baptised, your preparation for this wonderful Sacrament will be taken care of by the RCIA team too.