was mainly known as “Extreme Unction” or as the “Last Rites”. This is a sacrament that was reserved for those who were dying. Now the church understands that any body who is gravely ill, and has been ill for a very long time, be it physical or otherwise, can receive this sacrament. The parish also has a mass for the sick where the sick and housebound are brought to the church and all are anointed and prayed upon during Mass. We at St Mary’s care for those who are sick and housebound through a great network of Eucharistic ministers working alongside the clergy. If you feel you or your loved one could benefit from the sacrament of the sick, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The image used for the banner was taken from the Chrism Mass. At this Mass the Archbishop blesses the oils which are used in baptism, confirmation, ordination and anointing of the sick which in turn are distributed to the diocesan parishes and chaplaincies. To see pictures of this Mass click here.